Eurlipids is carried out as part of Interreg V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine with support from the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union.


We offer services and equipment for lipid diagnostics

by launching start ups and particpation in Joint Ventures

Building bridges between different sciences in lipidomics will allow fast diagnosis of disease onset for patients, the design of effective treatment by clinicans, research the fundamental mechanism of diseases and engineer technologies to marketed product or offering of services. As a Lipidomics center of excellence it is our ambition to open up our knowhow and infrastructure for all these groups outside the consortium.

We therefore offer analytical services for the screening of lipids in body fluids (KULeuven) and other human matereials (Dutch Screening Group) and make new instrumental methodologies, such as advanced MS detection tools (ASI), screening kits (Zentech) or customized chromatograpohy solutions (Davinci Europe) available for other research institutions.

With these activities, the Eurlipids consortium contributes to the economic development of the Euregio, and allowing the researcher of the future gain experience in an industrial setting complementing the academic education. Of utmost importance is our dedication to transfer our knowledge to clinicians at institutions all over the world to improve their day-to-day work, for the diagnosis and control of desease progress and the effectivity of treatment. In line, we are actively looking for the extension of our scientific network, and remain very much interested to collaborate with other centers of excellence in lipid research.

Sharing knowledge and technology as a service

The knowledge and technologies create were combined in a truly ‘high throughput quantification platform’, being able to accurate screening e.g., blood or tissue homogenates, for over 1400 lipids. It has been made accessible for scientists & industrial R&D organizations via the so-called Lipometrix initiative at the Catholic university Leuven

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