Eurlipids is carried out as part of Interreg V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine with support from the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union.



We educate the lipodomics scientist of the future

by bridging biomedical and technical sciences

In interdisciplinary lipid research, reserachers are required to gain a basic understanding of technical, biomedical or clincial sciences, and having a general view of lipid sciences as such. These academic educated specialists are essential human capital resources in the economic development of an innovative Euregion.

The master course, available online, covers the clinical aspects of Alzheimer, Multiple Sleroses, Cancer and Cardio-Renbal disorder, deepens the knowledge in lipid metabolism and mass technologies. The course is inbedded in the master programs of the Universities of Aachen, Leuven, Liege, Maastricht aand Hasselt. Master students involved are able to have internships and research project within the laboraties of the Eurlipids consortium. Future perspectives include developing the Master course by including “Learning by Experience using novel Games” and a new PhD program. All together, the courses are regarded “Crossing Borders” in both Sciences and national borders.

Your career in Lipodomics

Based on a thorough education in analytical technologies and biomedical research, you as a “lipid researcher” (Biomedical Researcher) will be well prepared for a career in academic research. It will allow you to simply connect with other researchers and bridge between different scientific domains. Likewise, as an allrounder in biomedical research, being able to perform in vivo (animal) studies and handle complex imaging technologies, you will also be an interesting candidate for industrial R&D organizations, e.g., specialized in biomedical devices. 

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